Previous Club Captains

Below is a list of all members who have held a Captaincy role since 1972

The club would like to thank everyone on this list for their time, dedication and efforts put in to helping Captain the club at all levels

Thanks also go to Geoff Atkinson & David Robinson for their work in compiling this list


YearSat 1st XLSat 2nd XLSat 3rd XLSat 4th XLSat 5th XLMidweek XLSun 1st XLSun 2nd XLSun 3rd XLSenior RepTeam Sec
1972ED CoxN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ADW CollisN/AN/AHN RoperTW Markell
1973ED CoxDA HeronN/AN/AN/AN/APA HempleAG FryN/AHN RoperRG Pearce
1974P. HempleRT AldridgeN/AN/AN/AN/ADA HeronAG FryN/AHN RoperBV Atkinson
1975P. HempleRC MoffatAG WheelerN/AN/AN/AJ.BrookRE NashN/AHN RoperBV Atkinson
1976J.BrookRC MoffatAG WheelerN/AN/AN/AMA HempleRG PearceN/AB.BurrageJ.Brook
1977J.BrookRC MoffatAG WheelerN/AN/AN/AMA HempleRG PearceJ.OwlettJ.BrookJ.Draper
1978J.BrookTW MarkellAG WheelerMJ CowanN/AN/AJ. TargettAJ ColeK.StockbridgeNG BrownTW Markell
1979J.TargettG.DavisAG WheelerN/AN/AN/AAJ ColeRG PearceK.StockbridgeW.NadinK.Stockbridge
1980G.HallB.JordanC.SnapeAG WheelerN/AN/AR.MoffatBV AtkinsonR.NashM.HobbsG.Davis
1981G.HallJ.TargettC.SnapeAG WheelerN/AJ.BrookI.ClarksonBV AtkinsonR.NashC.DuttonG.Atkinson
1986H.PatelG.AtkinsonA.MorganB.AtkinsonN/AJ.FreemanJ.FreemanN.WallerTWG MarkellC.FarmerN/A
1987H. Patel   N/A S. Brewer   N/A
1988H.PatelG.AtkinsonK StockbridgeR MoffatN/AS.BennetS.PatelR MayS.BennetS.BrookN/A
1989R CollensD ReadK StockbridgeR MoffatN/AG CrampG HallR MayN/AR.GrahamN/A
1990R CollensC.FarmerG.DavisR MoffatN/AG AtkinsonG HallR Mayn/aR.GrahamN/A
1991I ClarksonA CornishG DavisR MoffatN/AG AtkinsonA GrovesR MayN/AR.GrahamN/A
1992J HinksA CornishP ChambersN/AN/AI ClarksonG HallR MayN/AS.LawrenceN/A
1993J HinksS BrewerP ChambersN/AN/AS PatelG HallS PearceN/A N/A
1994H PatelS BrewerR MayR MoffatN/AS PatelS PatelG HallN/A N/A
1995J HinksS LawrenceR MayN/AN/AN/AS PatelG HallN/A N/A
1996J HinksG AtkinsonG DavisN/AN/AN/AS PatelG HallN/A N/A
1997D RobinsonG AtkinsonG PetersN/AN/AN/AM PennyG HallN/A N/A
1998D RobinsonP SmithI ClarksonJerry WhiteheadN/AI WestM StanleyG HallN/A N/A
1999N TaylorH PatelG AtkinsonJerry WhiteheadN/AN/AM StanleyG ConstableN/A N/A
2000S PatelP SmithG HallK StockbridgeN/AN/AS IngramG ConstableN/A N/A
2001N TaylorP McCrackenI ClarksonG ConstableN/AN/AS HydonN/AN/A N/A
2002G AtkinsonI ClarksonG HallG ConstableN/AN/AG HallN/AN/A N/A
2003D RobinsonC GastonG HallR MayN/AN/AG HallN/AN/A N/A
2004D RobinsonC GastonG HallN CampbellN/AN/AS IngramN/AN/A N/A
2005P SchmidtS BradfordK Stockbridge / G HallN CampbellN/AN/AS IngramN/AN/A N/A
2006D RobinsonS BradfordG HallN CampbellN/AN/AS IngramN/AN/A N/A
2007D RobinsonS BradfordS MoffatA Groves / P AtkinsonN/AN/AS IngramN Campbelln/a N/A
2008D RobinsonI GameM HopkinsonA Groves / P AtkinsonN/AN/AB ClarksonN CampbellN/A N/A
2009D RobinsonI GameS MoffatP Atkinson/N Campbell  M KnightN/A  N/A
2010P SchmidtP GoochN Markell / D GameP McCrackenN/AN/AS IngramN/AN/A N/A
2011P SchmidtP GoochD GameP McCrackenA PageN/AA WattsN/AN/A N/A
2012P SchmidtC GastonD GameP McCrackenA PageN/AI Coleman / P Smith (Team Managers)N/AN/A N/A
2013P SchmidtD RobinsonR ManikP McCrackenA PageN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2014B ClarksonD RobinsonA LesseyR GrahamA PageN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2015A WeeratungeD RobinsonR ManikR GrahamS MoffatN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2016D RobinsonI EllisR ManikR GrahamS MarleN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2017D RobinsonI EllisS BradfordA PageS MoffatN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2018D RobinsonC WattsA AlcockB McCrackenN/AN/AH AlcockN/AN/A N/A
2019D RobinsonC WattsA AlcockL ConstableR KhurdN/AH AlcockA SamantN/A N/A
2020P RobinsonJ MorrowA AlcockL Constable / B McCrackenN/AN/AA SandhuN/AN/A N/A
2021P RobinsonG Smith / H AlcockA AlcockL Constable / B McCrackenN/AN/AA SandhuN/AN/AN/A
2022P RobinsonH AlcockA AlcockL ConstableN/AN/AA SandhuN/AN/AN/A