Club President Keith Stockbridge

It is with great sadness that Orpington Cricket Club announce the passing of our club President, Keith Stockbridge

Keith was a massive personality around our club for many years and will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family at this difficult time

Further to the sad news of the passing of our Club President, Keith ‘Stockers’ Stockbridge, his family have released some details for the funeral which will be held on Friday, 16th December at 1230pm. 
The service will be conducted at Kemnal Park Cemetary (A20 Sidcup Bypass).

Keith's wake will be held at the Chelsfield Pub from 130pm, please join family and friends to give Stockers the send off he deserves.


Below is a memory sent in by an OCC stelwart in Russ May who fondly remembers playing under Stockers and has kindly sent in some touching words.

My first ever game for Orpington was under the Captaincy of ‘Stockers’ in a Buffs team way back in the eighties. He came into the changing room to meet the ‘new’ player and there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm when he saw the greying haired bloke changing into his whites. Nevertheless he shook me by the hand enthusiastically puffing smoke in my direction from the cigarette clasped between his lips, told me we were batting and what number did I bat. I told him I preferred 4 to which he looked even more disconsolate because he normally batted in that position. I went out to defend a hat-trick ball managed to do so, scratched around for a few runs until tea and was sort of praised by the skipper who then showed me an array of shots, without a bat and fag still between his lips, that he would have played.  I must admit that I’d never seen shots like those before but I’m sure Brian Lara would have been proud to have played them.

 That first meeting was the beginning of a cricketing friendship within OCC and showed Keith’s undaunted enthusiasm for the game and for the club he loved. He of course took his fair share of ‘stick’ and the title of Legend (or leg-end) was bestowed with humour and sometimes through  gritted teeth. Nevertheless,  I found him to be both kind and generous particularly when he skippered the 3rd and 4th teams where the ‘colts’ were to cut their teeth. He always made sure they participated with both bat and ball which of course was so important  and I’m told at the end of the games he introduced them to some ‘liquid refreshment’ but I couldn’t possibly comment.

 Finally it would be very remiss of me not to mention his famous score of 161 against RACS. I saw first hand that knock.  I’m not sure he replicated all those shots mentioned in the first paragraph because he did have a penchant for the leg side but he certainly put bat to ball. I remember how much everybody who saw it appreciated it including the opposition but perhaps the only person who didn’t was Geoff Davis who happened to be scoring that day! That innings must be among the highest ever in the history of OCC and I can see Keith mentioning it to St. Peter as he passes through the Pearly Gates and of course demonstrating all those shots!.

 Well Batted Stockers you’ll always be remembered,

Sincerely, Russ May.



Club President Keith Stockbridge