OCC World Cup Football Prediction Competition

Due to huge demand, the OCC World Cup Football Prediction Competition is back!

This is an OCC fundraiser and for it to be a much needed success we require your help.

The competition is simple, predict the countries which will top their groups, and then predict the results all the way to the final (along with answering a few other world cup related questions).

How to enter:

1) Download the prediction entry form

2) Fill in your predictions using the dropbox selections on the excel spreadsheet.

3) Fill in your name and contact details

4) Save the document and send to Pete Shaw's email address as an attachment at secretary@orpingtoncc.co.uk

5) Give £5 to a committee member or online via the payments section on the OCC website at http://www.orpingtoncc.co.uk/index.php?page=9&sub=0 per entry submitted.

All entries will need to be received into my email account by the time of kick off off of the first match to count (Thursday 12th June - 9pm).

There is £500 in guaranteed prizes to be given away! Plus a mystery prize for the person who raises the most money from entries!

So get cracking with your entries, please get friends, family and work colleagues to enter, the more the merrier!  Updates will be provided throughout each completed stage of the competition.


Peter Shaw and the committee