I would like to remind you of the easyfundraising.org.uk initiative we have setup for the Orpington Cricket Club.

It is an easy way to raise funds for the club for FREE just by shopping online! Visit the site below:



For example, you may be about to buy some items off Amazon, John Lewis, Next etc. If this is the case, click through to the website via easyfundraising.org.uk

See the website's example below:


1) Lets say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to johnlewis.com directly, you first go to easyfundraising.org.uk

2) From the easyfundraising.org.uk website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase. This tells John Lewis you came from the easyfundraising.org.uk website. The price of the shoes is exactly the same.

3) After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will give you a cash reward that turns into a donation to the Orpington Cricket Club. easyfundraising.org.uk collect this and send it on at no extra cost



You can also download toolbars which automatically tell you if you are on an eligible website.

Please take the time to read through the below links and start some easy fundraising for the OCC!


OCC page -



How it works -



Retailers -