100 Club

100 Club - Introduction

Ever been to the OCC annual dinner and seen cheques for £300 given out? These are prizes from the 100 club! Want to be part of the fun and excitement? Please read on to learn how the 100 club works and how to join. 

The 100 club works in a similar way to the national lottery: 

  • Participants pay to enter.
  • At least 50% of the cash is paid out as prizes.
  • The remainder of the cash is retained by OCC and used for the benefit of its members.

There are some differences to the national lottery: 

  • The game is monthly.
  • Entry is typically by standing order / direct debit (which can be cancelled at any time) - however we also accept cheque or cash payments.

To help understand the game better, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions: 

How much does it cost to enter? 

Entry is by way of purchasing units of 50p each. You can play for as little as 50p per month or up to as much as you want, as long as it is in units of 50p. 

Each ticket purchased gives you a chance to win the monthly prize. For example, £5 = 10 tickets which equals 10 chances to win a prize each month. 

Each ticket purchased in the OCC calendar year also goes into the yearly prizepool draw (Drawn at the annual dinner). For example, £5 direct debit a month not only gives you 10 tickets into the monthly draw, but also 10 tickets into the yearly draw. Thus over a 12 month period at £5 a month, this gives the participant 120 tickets into the lucrative yearly prizepool draw. 

How much are the prizes? 

As with the national lottery, the size of the prizes depends on how many people play and how many tickets they buy. 

Last year, Orpington CC paid out over £1500 in prize money. Each month at the OCC committee meeting, one prize is drawn at random from those people in that month's draw. Additionally, and again at random, there is 1 further draw, that being at the Club's annual dinner and dance in November. These draws pay out additional amounts as is deemed necessary by the committee in order that at least 50% of the total amount raised is paid out in prizes. 

OCC has been actively seeking to increase the participants in the 100 club and therefore the level of prizes in the future is expected to continue to rise.  

How do I play? 

The easiest way to play is to set up a monthly standing order using your online or mobile phone banking. Click on ‘Standing Order’ on your online banking page and then follow the prompts. The account details are:

Bank: National Westminster, Moorgate

Sort Code: 56-00-23

Account: 23118717

Reference: 100 Club 

Once done, send an email to secretary@orpingtoncc.co.uk to confirm your standing order is complete, and also so that we have your best contactable email address so we can email you the monthly winners list. 

Another way is to fill in a standing order mandate, which tells your bank to pay your entry fee to Orpington Cricket Club each month, click here to download this form. Please hand your completed form to Mike Knight, or to any OCC committee member. 

What if I don't want to play anymore? 

You can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank. Again if you have internet banking, you should be able do this yourself on your bank's website. 

How do we know who's still playing? 

Each standing order mandate includes the player's name as a reference and is paid on the 1st day of the month. The 100 club administrator checks the amounts received each month. Anyone who's paid is in that month's game, anyone who hasn't is out. 

How will the draw be made? 

The draw is carried out on a monthly basis by Orpington Cricket Club Committee during their monthly Committee Meeting. 

How do I know who's won? 

An email is sent out to the OCC playing and social membership. The winners will be posted onto the OCC website. 

The prize winners will also be contacted directly, so their prizes can be paid. This is why we need your best contactable email address so that we can contact you in an efficient manner should you win a prize.

Help - I need further information 

Mike Knight oversees the smooth running of the 100 club. Please contact him for further information: 

E-mail: secretary@orpingtoncc.co.uk