World Cup 2018 Prediction Competition

Ahead of the football World Cup starting on 14th June, OCC will be running a prediction competition.

The idea is that this will act as a bit of fun for the upcoming tournament, and also serve as a fundraiser for the club. It is also a way of trying to bring some funds into the club from outside sources, so it's vital please you try and sell to friends/family/colleagues etc.

With this in mind we are offering some incentives for playing/social members who get non-members to enter. Below is a list of the 3 possible 'rewards' based on how many non-members you get to enter. 

10 Entries - Free drink at OCC (up to £5) or equivalent
20 Entries - £20 bar and food voucher at OCC sponsor The Chelsfield pub
40 Entries - Free ticket to OCC Annual Dinner 2018 is just £5, with half of all the funds given out in prizes and the other half going to OCC. Prize money will be announced once all entries are in, but there will be prizes for the overall winner, second, third and also individual section winners

To enter all you need to do is click the link below and then submit your entry. You will then receive an email with a copy of your selections that you will be able to edit right up until 1 hour before the first game on 14th June. The form can be completed on phones and tablets, and can also be shared via all the usual social media platforms.




Any questions, please email Mike Knight - 

Good luck!