Chris Hora

Chris Hora was one of the founding members of OCC. He came to the club in 1971, just after it had moved from Goddington Lane. David Heron wrote previously about how that transition came about but suffice to say, the conifers by the tennis courts were saplings, you could see into the field directly opposite the club and the kids were deputed between innings to pick up stones from the outfield!! The clubhouse hasn’t changed a bit......

Having joined the club as an all rounder – opening bowler and batsman, in his latter years he concentrated on opening the batting forming formidable partnerships with Keith Fairall, Alan Cornish, John Brook and Gordon Hall. He was a huge promoter of colts cricket and was responsible for giving debuts in the first team to club legends such as Harish Patel, Richard Collens, Ian Starkey, Steve Bennett, John Freeman and Rob Graham.

In his latter years, he continued to watch the club progress to Premier cricket and Division 1, but was determined to do something that would achieve a legacy and drive forward colts cricket in particular. In 2008 he formed a plan to hold a reunion dinner for all former club members ( or as many as Kelly could track down!! ). The evening was a huge success and will be remembered by all as a really important night in the club’s history as the Life membership was launched with Chris as the inaugural member.

The money raised through this scheme has paid for several of our first team players to gain their coaching badges and ‘give back’ their skills and expertise to the new generation of players coming forward. Wooz, in particular, was very grateful for this money and for what it has managed to achieve for our colts in particular. Hopefully Brian can build on this legacy.....

It is very fitting, but also very humbling that the new nets facility are named in his honour and the annual memorial game gives us all an opportunity to remember a real OCC man. In the memorial game programme, those who didn’t know Chris will get a very good impression of what he was like, and also the eulogy that Kelly gave at his funeral, underlines his love of the club and all the people who make it what it is.

At his request, his ashes are buried on the bottom square  and his actual resting place is the spot where Bradders began his run up, as detailed in his will. He will forever be a part of the club and its history alongside his mates Terry Markell, Brian Atkinson, Bob Moffat, Geoff Davis, Ron Pearce, and more recently, sadly David Heron.  


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