Quiz Night 2017

The time honoured OCC Quiz will take place on Friday 7th April at the Club, and as ever the Nomads provide us with those telling questions and answers.

Who can challenge our Eggheads (The Maxwell Heavyweights) this year? Lets see a new winner pick up the trophy. We are still waiting for Frank to mount a challenge for the title, what will his excuse be this year!! The format will be teams of 6 starting at 8pm sharp and entry will be £5 per head. The Bar will be open from 7pm for a few light ones to loosen us up. Please can the captains see Pablo or one of the Nomads on the night who will collect the fees.

All comers are welcomed and if you have a team of 6 all the better, if not I’m sure there will be other people looking to form a group of 6. The usual nibbles on the tables will be provided.

So if you are into general knowledge and gameshows, get watching and those studying at Uni get back in time to pit your wits against the best we have in the manor.  As usual we hope to see as many of you as possible and if anything it will be a good time to get together for a few social ones.

Please can you let Pablo know if you will be attending.