OCC Awards Dinner - Saturday, 23rd November 2013

Another year, another fantastic OCC end of season dinner – an event that really is not to be missed!

The venue was once again Broke Hill Golf Club, and a big thank you must go to staff there for their hospitality for the evening. Most importantly, they were stocked with enough bottles of wine to last the whole night! Not even the notorious OCC drinkers could work their way through them all.

The evening for many of the male contingent, started with frantically searching for their bow tie, or dusting down their suit, or polishing their shoes. Or indeed all 3! It never fails to surprise how well some people scrub up. The constant ‘tracksuit bottom slobbery’ throughout the summer, is replace by a suited and booted appearance, for one night only. The female contingent was looking particularly fabulous. Some of the men at the club really don’t know how lucky they are to be punching so far above their weight! And so, to the evening itself. There is a comprehensive list of the winners of the awards at the bottom of this article. Congratulations to all of those that picked up an award, they were all thoroughly deserved. Matt Lane, Adam Curtis and Hayden Alcock all picking up their first piece of silverware for the club, hopefully the first of many for all of them. The batsman and bowler of the year prizes were both won by the 2nd team, Robbo for his 600 runs, and Kapila for his 43 wickets. Ben Clarkson’s 7 wickets for 4 runs for the 1st team against Bromley Common won the Outstanding Performance award, and Bob Graham took the Top Pitch award for the second time in 3 years. This caused many people to ask why he hadn’t been given an opportunity to showcase his talents on the bottom square! The overall contribution of Kelly to the club is quite incredible, so it was of no surprise to anyone to see her walk away with the Outstanding Contribution award. And the Club-person of the year award stayed in the Coleman house, as it moved from last year’s winner Shirley, to this year’s winner Wooz. Again, not really a surprise given the time he puts into helping the club, which may go unnoticed by many.

As well as the main gongs, there was a huge roar from the crowd when Jim and Trudi announced ‘one more year’, as they picked up their gifts as a show of our appreciation. The ‘popular’ winner of the 100 Club draw, and a cheque for £287, was Frank. Hopefully everyone got themselves a drink off him. There were also 2 bats that were auctioned for club funds, a brand new Kookaburra that was won by Wooz, and a bat signed by the Sri Lankan team from 1996, which was won by a devoted Sri Lankan cricket fan, Matt Naylor. Both were extremely pleased with their purchases. It was a momentous evening for the Naylor’s. With Matt winning the prestigious Frank Plankton Trophy, for his failed attempt at stitching up Frank, and John being inducted into the Hall of Fame. 2 awards that were thoroughly deserved.

Thanks must go to Kelly, and the outgoing social secretary, Mike Knight, for organising such a fantastic event once again. One point of note, it was great to see Ash Sterling, a veteran attendee of the club dinner. It wouldn’t be that same without seeing him there.

Finally, a huge, huge thanks to all that attended, and made it a superb night. Look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Full list of award winners:

Batsman of the Year – David Robinson

Bowler of the Year – Kapila Perera

Outstanding Performance – Ben Clarkson

Top Pitch Award – Bob Graham

Hall of Fame – John Naylor

Most Improved Player – Hayden Alcock

Most Promising Young Player – Adam Curtis

Colt of the Year – Matt Lane

Overall Contribution – Kelly Hora

Club-person of the Year – Ian Coleman

Frank Plankton Trophy – Matt Naylor